The “Greener” Diet

You and I now live in a society where people want a “quick fix” to all their problems. Although, better results reap with time, there are certain effective ways to incorporate a “greener” diet while keeping it affordable, and practical.

Instead of jumping into a clean diet full time, I suggest you start off your first day with only focusing on getting the nutrients your body needs and minimize “junk” food- this will serve as a good start-off for the body to rid itself of accumulated toxins.

In the first week, start with greens and lemon tea in the mornings to kick off your body’s natural cleansing system and enhance your metabolism.

If you are looking for an intense cleansing session that you could follow during the holiday break and greet the New Year toxin free, here’s a recommended guide:

You would have to cut DOWN on the following:

  •   Dairy
  •   Wheat (yes, you read that right)
  •   Artificial sugar (I personally recommend cane sugar, or honey)
  •   Too much salt in food
  •   Processed foods
  •   Caffeinated beverages (except for unsweetened herbal tea or green tea- I love Chai teas or Chai Latte)
  •   Alcohol – all of it
  •   Supplementary vitamins (Does not include prescribed medications from your doctor)
  •   Be an honest judge for your own health

Here’s how your mornings could generally look like:

Breakfast:  Smoothie with Almond Milk (could be home-made) a spoon of protein powder, leafy greens (kale, celery, spinach, avocado, apple recommended) Beet root smoothies are also amazing!

Kiwi Detox


Daily Snack Ideas:  Raw vegetables (eg. baby carrots) + 1 cup organic green tea (with ginger or lemon if desired, I usually have Chamomile or Organic Green tea due to their reaping overall health benefits)

Salad idea (s).