4 Steps to making any day, your best day.

As I was driving home the other day from a 4-hour long (important/stressful) business meeting, this song started to play at just the right moment on the radio- “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I love this song! My little brother introduced it to me a month ago and I immediately felt a surge of joy run through my whole body. Critics may stigmatize this song as a representation of “enforced” happiness- but to me it represents the importance of how quickly a person can change their mood by consciously working on a simple yet powerful concept: perspective.

Let’s face it- we all know that there will always be times in our lives when we are faced with challenging situations, unpleasant people or when things are just not going as we hoped for. It is in these moments of weakness that our ability to handle a situation responsibly and still remain positive is put to the test.

When you find yourself stuck in tough circumstances, there are four top tips that might help you:

  1. Send love- selflessly.

Is someone being mean to you (someone you know, or perhaps, an unpleasant co-worker)? You have two options: you can either allow it affect your mood and let it ruin your day (which is exactly what the “mean” person might just want!). OR, you could take the tougher road, realize that everyone has their own struggles to deal with. Most often if not always, people who propagate negativity are probably unhappy with themselves and might just be lashing out as a way to cope with their problems. Here’s what would be most effective for YOUR well-being: wish the best for them and send them love! Yes, it is tough. But, it will help you stay focused on the things that are important in YOUR life and hopefully, the individual who was bothering you would find something more worthwhile to do with their life. Send love 🙂

  1. Re-evaluate your perspective

The past month has certainly been a test of my resilience to stress because it’s been a rather busy time apart from life just throwing the toughest challenges I’ve encountered in a decade! But in my moments of weakness (yes, I am sorry to say I am no “super-human” as some of you so kindly try to convince me I am), it helps to “reframe” the situation: a lot of us experience stress as a direct result of our reaction to an event or a situation. This means that ultimately, we CAN take control of our reactions.

In some situations, a change in perspective might be all you needed to relieve the enormous amount of stress you could be inflicting on yourself.

  1. Have a cup of tea (Yes, I am still serious.)

My grandma always said, “a warm tea and a cookie is all you ever need if you get stressed” as she cuddled and soothed me as a child. And two decades later, she’s spot on! A cup of tea helps sooth the nervous system. Green tea, or chamomile are your best friends as research proves their calming effect on the nervous system, anti-inflammatory properties, and their ability to diminish anxiety.

  1. Accept things just as they are

You may have stumbled upon the “the grass is greener ” syndrome. Yes, I’ve been a victim of it too! It was not that the circumstances I was stuck in were depressing. The truth could not have been far from it! It was the fact that while I was experiencing the “grass is greener” syndrome, I was constantly choosing to wish for things that could have been: “I wish I could do this better”, “I wish I had already finished off my studies” “I wish I had already accomplished … by now”. While I was blessed with so much, I was stuck with the mentality of “wanting more.” But thankfully, change happened just when it was meant to and it allowed me to practice “acceptance”. What if I just accepted everything just as it was and moved on with a positive perspective towards my goals?

If you have not reached that point in life where you have achieved your dreams- that’s OK! And I say that with love! 🙂 It really is okay.

Accepting your situation as it is, is the first step towards actually materializing your dreams into reality. Practice ACCEPTANCE- there is beauty in where you are right now, and if you keep worrying you’ll miss the wonderful opportunities that are taking place in your life right now.

In conclusion, if you ever have a rough day at work, the worst thing you could do is go home and take it out on the people who love you.

Your life is short- your time is precious; stressing out will probably not take you anywhere better.

Instead, be selfless in love, re-evaluate your perspective, accept, and don’t forget to get a cozy cup of tea with your favourite desert!

OR, just jam out to this song with your favourite person if all else fails:


-Zarbuft S. Mayo (copyright material)


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