3 Reasons Why I Love Yoga!

I love spending time in nature and my favourite way to end a week day is a peaceful moment by a beach.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.37.36 PM

I practise meditation and Yoga everyday – there are so many poses you can easily integrate into your daily life no matter how busy you are. It’s also such an effective way to work on flexibility and strength!

Just a few of many reasons why I love Yoga!

Strengthens your Core and improves Posture 

Most poses develop core strength, and the stronger your core muscles are the more likely you are to have a correct posture.

Yoga also helps raise your body awareness and allows you to notice more quickly if you’re slouching!

Relieves stress and soothes the nervous system

Breathing techniques in yoga help calm the mind. When you focus on your breathing during yoga you are relieving the built up stress and calming the nervous system and the mind.

Excellent for your heart

Yoga lowers blood pressure and has been linked to lower cholesterol, and improved immune system function!


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