5 Tips to Healthier Shopping at Your Next Visit to the Grocery Store

Shopping smart is essential to maintaining a healthy and holistic diet. Here are 5 things I stay mindful of when at a grocery store:

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  1. Most grocery stores have the produce section right at the front. Try picking a rainbow of colourful fruits and vegetables. Why is variety in colour important? That’s an excellent question! 🙂 Variety of colour represents different phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins contained in each produce.
    • For instance, fruits such as prunes, strawberries, pomegranate, and blueberries are rich in antioxidants. Studies show that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice might improve blood flow to the heart in people with myocardial ischemia, a serious condition in which the heart’s oxygen supply is compromised because the arteries leading to it are blocked.
  2. While organic might be an ideal choice, it can get expensive very quickly. Find a balance that works for you economically and strive for “real” foods. Real foods are foods that have none to very few additives, are minimally processed,  and generally as close to nature as possible.Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 4.26.39 PM
  3. Add nuts to your shopping list: I find portable seeds such as cashew, almonds, and sunflower seeds tend to make a great healthy snack. For instance, just a handful of sunflower seeds can help suppress appetite while fuelling our bodies with plenty of magnesium, vitamin E and selenium! Macadamia nuts are known to provide the highest amount of monounsaturated fat or ‘clean fat’ among the different kinds of nuts.
  4. Try and stay clear of aisles with junk foods. A tip for parents who don’t want their kids to develop the habit of eating junk food is to first not have junk food in the house.
  5. Bottom line: Avoid items containing more than 5 artificial ingredients. Don’t buy an item that contains more than 5 ingredients that you have no knowledge of or can’t pronounce.

Happy healthy shopping! 🙂


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